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The history of Anniversary Themes and reasons to shop by them

Traditional anniversary gift themes
Ever since Victorian times, couples have been exchanging gifts that fit a specific theme for each wedding anniversary. The themes vary from year to year, including gifts made of a variety of materials such as paper, lace, brass, gold and silver. Anniversary themes offer couples ideas for how to celebrate together and help them make each year even more memorable than the last.

The history of anniversary themes
Although no one knows exactly what started this tradition, the list of traditional anniversary gifts is believed to have began in Europe sometime in the 1800s and slowly worked its way throughout the world. The idea arrived in America in the 20th century and has been popular amongst couples ever since. As the years went on, modern gift choices made their way on the list with the help of a jeweler’s association looking to offer a few more choices to couples seeking the perfect present. Overtime, more practical gifts made their way into the themes such as household goods and silverware mixed with rich indulgences like diamonds and gemstones.

Why shop according to themes?
Using the anniversary themes as a guide to buying gifts allows couples to continuously surprise each other by inspiring gift ideas they may never have considered before. Each theme is open to interpretation, adding a little extra fun to each anniversary celebration. For example, a couple’s first anniversary celebration is known as the paper anniversary. This theme could be seen in love notes, books, paper flowers, posters, or even photos.

Another reason couples choose to use traditional themes to celebrate each passing year together is because they enjoy the tradition. Much like not seeing the bride before the wedding, saving the top tier of your wedding cake or a bride tossing her bouquet, anniversary themes offer another opportunity for couples to incorporate the traditions that have been around for centuries into their relationship.

Non-themed gifts

Keep in mind, couples don’t have to use the anniversary themes as a guide for each years gifts. Some couples take a small part of the theme and mix it with their own ideas, like giving a paper card with a diamond necklace for the paper anniversary, while other’s don’t stick to the themes at all. Even if you dont want to shop a specific theme each year, learning about them is still a wonderful to get great gift ideas for your upcoming anniversary.

The perfect gift
Regardless of whether or not you and your spouse want to acknowledge traditional themes during your anniversary, finding the perfect gift can seem like a challenge. When shopping for your upcoming anniversary, remember that the perfect gift simply comes from the heart, serving as a reminder of the love you and your spouse have for one another.